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Rona MaynardWelcome to my online community. Instead of wine or coffee, I’m serving stories—the kind women tell among friends.

They’re drawn from my life and other lives that have inspired me. I’m lucky enough to have spent my career exchanging stories with women. At Chatelaine, where I spent a decade as Editor, I shared my defining moments in a monthly column. Thousands of readers identified. They taught me how much we have in common—and how much we have to learn from one another.

The conversation continues right here. You'll learn about my new memoir, My Mother's Daughter, which Chatelaine readers encouraged me to write. You can read and comment on some of my most popular articles. You can post a story in honour of your own mother-or your daughter. And you can follow my blog, Letters from Rona. Now over to you.
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Rona Maynard is an author, speaker and former Editor of Chatelaine. Everything she knows about the real lives of women, she learned from women like you.

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From the book:
I said to my father, "You don't live here anymore. This is my mother's house, not yours. It's time for you to go." My father cursed me. He shook his fist. Then he left and never came back.

Letters from Rona


When you miss out on the job, make the most of the contact

Once upon a time, in the Editor's office at Chatelaine, I opened a letter from an astute and articulate young job-seeker who told me I needed her help. (Yes, we're talking a letter on paper--it was that long ago.) She'd just seen the news that our magazine, an icon since 1928, would soon be completely revamped to attract young readers like her.Then honing her skills at an arts organization, she struck me as one of those invisible talents who are poised to make their mark if someone just gives them a break.  [more]

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Join the community

This is your space for celebrating your mother—or your daughter. If not for her, you’d be a different person. Share a story, post a photo and find out what other women have to say about the women who shaped their lives.

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Rona's favourite comment

Hi, Rona. I will start by saying what you have probably heard a thousand times before.. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Death boggles my mind a little bit when I think about it. I can't imagine the day I lose my parents or a close friend. Although I understand death is a normal... [more]

Written by Jessica, July 20, 2013


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